Walt Disney World Past Crowd Data

Since March 2017 I've been collecting posted wait times at Walt Disney World at least every 15 minutes. From this data I've been able to create a 1-10 crowd scale.

Due to complexity and overall unpredictability in crowd patterns, I do not offer crowd predictions.

Click on any date while viewing a month to view posted wait times and park hours.

How the Past Crowd Calendar is Calculated

My past crowd calendar is similar to other crowd calendars created for Walt Disney World. The crowd rank (1-10) is not actually based on the amount of people in the park, rather the average posted wait time of key attractions. Because Disney does not publicly disclose daily attendance figures, posted wait times are the best public indicator of how busy a park is.

What's a key attraction?

A key attraction is a major attraction that most guests visit. I do not take into account newer attractions as they don't have enough data and their waits are usually high and consistent day to day.

How is the average calculated?

The average is calculated from posted wait times during 10AM - 5PM daily, not including periods of downtime or when Disney does not report a wait.

How are the ranks calculated?

Each attraction has ranks generated on a 1-10 scale using daily averages before a specific date. Currently the scale is based on two separate periods (due to operational changes caused by the discontinuation of FastPass+):

  • March 2020 and Before: March 3, 2017 to April 30, 2019
  • July 2020 and Beyond: October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

Park ranks are generated from the average of that park's attraction ranks. This calculation method allows exceptionally high waits at a specific attraction to not outweigh the rest of the park. The overall resort level is the average of attraction ranks in all parks.

Key Attraction Ranks by Average Posted Wait Time

  • March 2020 and Before
  • July 2020 and Beyond (Current)