While most modifications for COVID-19 have now been removed, some still remain in place. Always check with Disney for official, up-to-date information.

Getting the biggest discount on your Walt Disney World hotel

There's no doubt that your hotel is likely to be one of the biggest costs for your Walt Disney World vacation. While there's a hotel for every budget and family size, it's certainly not cheap. However, Disney offers discounts most times at some point during the year.

While Disney World is the most popular vacation destination on Earth, they are always looking for ways to fill it up even more. One of these ways is by offering discounts. There are two types of discounts: room only and package discounts. For this article, I'm going to be talking about room only discounts. You may have heard about a mystical, wild beast called "Free Dining" and I won't even go into detail about that discount. I think it's a bad deal and that killing yourself over to get it is silly, but that's just me.

When & How Much you can get off on Walt Disney World Room Only Discounts

Room only discounts are usually released anywhere between 1-6 months out. MouseSavers keeps a great list of when discounts were released. Discounts can range anywhere between 10%-30% off. There's no exact math and the methodology Disney uses to calculate their discounts is only known to them. You'll often find a room discounted 30% for several weeks then it drops to 10%. Usually the deepest discounts happen around late August through the beginning of October, which coincidentally also has some of the lowest rates of the year meaning you can get a really good deal. But Disney will adjust discounts to what the bean counters think is best to fill in hotels.

What are the current hotel discounts at Walt Disney World?

You can find the most up-to-date discounts on the official Walt Disney World website. Most discounts are released on Monday morning, but they can sometimes appear throughout the week. Public offers don't come and go as often as Florida Resident or Annual Passholder discounts, which usually have a shorter booking period.