While most modifications for COVID-19 have now been removed, some still remain in place. Always check with Disney for official, up-to-date information.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Visit Each Walt Disney World Park?

As Walt Disney World has returned to more normal operations, crowds continue to shift in interesting directions. We now see weekends as some of the best days to visit the parks.

The numbers listed on each chart below are the average wait times from 10AM-5PM of major attractions in the park.

Magic Kingdom

The world's most popular theme park sees its crowds peak on Tuesday, with crowds winding down by Saturday and staying low on Sunday too.


Epcot also sees a shift between weekdays and weekends. Keep in mind that the Food & Wine Festival is now running thru November 20th and will crowd the park with foodies who aren't interested in riding on full stomachs.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios keeps a steady crowd level for the most part throughout the week. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge still remains a huge draw and the lack of theater shows running means the park still has low capacity.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom sees its crowds peak mid-week on Wednesday and bottoming out on Sunday.