What is the Best Day of the Week to Visit Each Walt Disney World Park?

While Disney World always has visitors, some days are better than others to visit. Let's take a look at which days you should visit each park:

The numbers listed on each chart below are the combined average wait times from 10AM-5PM of major attractions in the park from Sunday, April 7th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024.

Magic Kingdom

Best day: Thursday
Worst day: Tuesday & Saturday

The world's most popular theme park sees consistent crowds day to day, with a dip on Thursday. Because of pricing and park pass rules for Passholders, Magic Kingdom doesn't see a noticeable bump on weekends (contrary to popular belief).


Best day: Tuesday & Wednesday
Worst day: Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Epcot sees its crowds massively bottom out mid-week. Weekends are very busy as people enjoy whatever festival is going on and may not be riding any rides, therefore it can be quite crowded around the World Showcase. Monday is when many who arrived over the weekend kick off their vacation (and incorrectly assume they're beating the crowds).

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Best day: Wednesday
Worst day: Saturday

Hollywood Studios also sees a mid-week dip. Saturday has a massive spike in crowds, so if you're looking to visit on the weekend pick Sunday instead.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Best day: Tuesday & Wednesday
Worst day: Saturday

Animal Kingdom is quite a wild trek throughout the week, with busy weekend crowds and a huge mid-week dip on Tuesday & Wednesday.